Glass Bottles with Metallic Stormbreaker (GBF005)

Elevate Your Hydration Game: Glass Bottles

Crystal Clear Elegance

  • Sip your favorite beverages in style with our Glass Bottles. Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free glass, these bottles are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
  • These bottles are perfect for water, fruit-infused drinks, iced tea, or even cold-brewed coffee. With leak-proof lids and a comfortable grip, they are your ideal companions for on-the-go hydration.

Metallic Keychains: Shine with Style

  • Crafted with an exquisite attention to detail, these keychains are made to dazzle.
  • Whether it’s a sleek silver, a luxurious gold, or a trendy rose gold, our metallic keychains add a touch of glamour to your keys or bags.
  • The metallic finish is not only visually stunning but also durable, ensuring your keychain remains lustrous over time. Plus, they make for thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression.

399.00 Including all taxes