Festive Gift Hamper GFF001

Celebrate the season with our exquisite Festive Gift Hamper! Packed with joy, it’s the perfect blend of thoughtful surprises. From gourmet treats to heartwarming keepsakes, it’s the ultimate gift to share happiness and create cherished memories. Make this season unforgettable with our Festive Gift Hamper.

The Gift of Life: Small Potted Plants

  • A small potted plant is more than just a gift; it’s a living, breathing symbol of life, growth, and renewal.
  • Each plant represents a unique story waiting to be written, and by gifting one, you’re sharing in that story and nurturing a connection with nature.

A Keyring: A Symbol of Connection

  • A keyring, often taken for granted, is a symbol of connection.
  • It holds the keys to your home, your car, or your office – places of significance in your life.
  • A keyring can be a reminder of a special place, a cherished memory, or a meaningful message.

Hamper Contains:

  1. A wooden Tray with Handle
  2. A potted Plant
  3. Chocolates in a reusable holder
  4. A beautiful decorative hut box
  5. A key ring
  6. Pair of Tassels
  7. A miniature Budha

949.00 Including all taxes